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'Diamond Lil' is Roger Kettle's sister.

Headline Harry:

"Can you tell us all about Bunty and how she influenced Roger's Beau Peep?"

Diamond Lil:

"My first doll was called Bunty and coincidentally, many years later, I was an avid reader of the comic of the same name. Colonel Escargot appeared in one strip clutching a doll called Bunty."

bunty from 30-01-1984

Headline Harry:

  • Did your brother play with the doll?
  • Did he do something horrible to you or the doll that might have prompted him to make up for this by calling Escargot's doll Bunty?
  • Did he make any comment to you about his use of the word 'Bunty'?
  • Was he jealous of you and your doll?
  • Would he like a similar doll for this year's Christmas present?*

Diamond Lil:

"Yes, yes, yes, yes and definitely yes ;) "

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