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Mad Pierre

The Fort's resident bully, Pierre is a towering hulk of a man, completely unhinged, and whom nobody will dare call "mad" to his face.

mad pierre He’s the character who strikes terror into the heart of every man in the Legion. Mad Pierre is the Incredible Hulk without the jolly green skin – or the Hulk’s sensitivity. His favourite sport is maiming people. Sometimes it’s the enemy, but usually it’s Beau , because he’s closer.

mad pierre

He doesn’t talk too much, probably because it takes too much mental power, and because he feels that actions speak louder than words. Actually, his actions are probably louder than words, judging by the sound effects when he smacks someone in the mouth.

Before he joined the Legion, he very briefly worked in a slaughter house: “I was having a great time – I’d killed about 100”, he explained. “but it turned out there was a machine I should have been using….”
In fact he once admitted one of his hobbies was 'pig-choking'.

Not a man to mess with, he uses violence as a first resort. He once beat up Beau for using a sentence which contained an uneven number of vowels.

Beau once innocuously mentioned to Pierre that he had a small piece of fluff on his jacket. Bad move. We now know that any word with three F’s in it drives him berserk.

He seems to leave Dennis alone, because hitting Beau is fun enough.

mad pierre Pierre's first appearance in 1979.

In 2015, Roger was asked why Mad Pierre isn't featured in the Strip so much:

"I guess the dwindling appearances of Mad Pierre are due to the limited range of the character. After nearly 37 years, it's not easy to keep writing strips about Pierre punching Beau for, shall we say, the most trivial of reasons. Basically, the set-up has always been "Beau says something innocuous and still manages to upset Pierre and get a punch in the face".
There was a Coronation Street actor called Nigel Pivaro (he played one of the Duckworths) who, I'm told, was a big fan of Mad Pierre. I'm both flattered and disturbed..."

Mad Pierre’s family
Pierre has a wife, Bella, back at home who he romantically nicknamed "Monkey Dung". She in turn calls him "Slug".

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