Colour Specials

On Monday 7th November 1983, the Star published a week’s worth of six Beau strips on one full page, in colour. Headlined “Beau Peep, a Daily Star Colour Page to Treasure”, the strips were the ‘treasure map’ series which can be seen in Book 5. The full page also carried a photo of Roger and Andrew and a small write-up:

colour specials

colour specials colour specials

These pages were pre-printed on glossy paper and inserted into the main newspaper during the normal edition print run, a complicated and extremely expensive operation for Express Newspapers. Full colour ‘live’ printing, as is the norm today, did not start in the Daily Star for another 3 years.

colour specials

In January 1984, this same colour printing process was used for a further three 2-bar strips published over consecutive Mondays.

colour specials

From January 1986 to July 1986 a total of twenty-two 2-bar strips were published in colour on consecutive Saturdays, using the same process. Many of these strips can be seen in Beau Peep Book 7.

Some more front page trails:

colour specials

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