Fan art gallery

Here is a selection of artwork by Beau Peep fans.
Please feel free to submit your own efforts for inclusion here! We're sorry we can't return any of your paintings, but we do give a prize for all those we show.

Nigel Sutherland fan art http://www.nigelsutherland.co.uk/

A rather feeble attempt of the same frame from an anonymous contributor:

fan art

Granitoons fan art http://granitoons.deviantart.com/art/Beau-Peep-sketches-86058884

Malcolm McGookin

fan art


Paulsworkblog fan art fan art https://paulswork.wordpress.com/page/2/

Roger Kettle
Not strictly a Beau Peep fan (he is, of course, the creator!), but we've included Roger for conciseness. He sketches out his scripts and passes them to Andrew Christine for drawing up into the final strip.
fan art

Andrew Christine
And this is the completed frame, as drawn by Andrew. fan art

Steve Bright

fan art

A frame from one of the 'ghost strips' drawn by Steve.

Bill Caldwell fan art Enlargements from one of Bill's Editorial Cartoons for the Daily Star.

This is from the billboard advertising the Beau Peep Pontins Party. It's almost certainly not Andrew Christine's artwork.

fan art

George Escargot fan art

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