MCC Motorcycle Rally

The Motor Cycling Club was founded in 1901 and has over 1000 members split into different groups around the UK who host rallies.
One, based in Hartlepool, was called the Legion MCC (1981-89) and from 1983 they held an annual 'Beau Peep Rally' on the week-end closest to 12th August.
The club contacted the Daily Star for approval to use the Beau Peep name and they agreed -- the paper even suggested they held a look-a-like competition, and provided original artwork as prizes.
The last Beau Peep Rally was a winter one, the 'Chilly Willy', held in a pub in 1988.

Each club produces souvenir metal badges for their rallies, and here are some of the Beau Peep badges: MCC rally

And a few of the Legion MCC members being judged for the Beau Peep look-a-like competition: MCC rally

A clearer photo of one the early '80s Beau Peep rally badges:

MCC rally

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